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Message from Nagatu Mohammed on the African Woman and Politics

Message To Nigeria from Professor Peter Nwangwu

What happens when Nigerians unite and speak with one voice:

A Nigerian is being deported by the Dutch Government on board a KLM flight to Nigeria chained to the chair like wild animal. His offense is that he doesn’t have documents. Fellow Nigerians grounded the plane, demanded he should be brought down and treated like human being. In the same manner, WE THE PEOPLE NIGERIA can unite and speak with one voice to clean up Nigeria by voting out all corrupt politicians from any public office in 2019. JOIN THE WE THE PEOPLE MOVEMENT NOW!

Co-Author of the Nigerian National Anthem speaks about the degradation of Nigeria and appeals along the lines of WE THE PEOPLE movement to clean up Nigeria now.

Nigeria’s Call Obey

A disillusioned citizen expresses his regrets for the Nigerian government and vows never again to vote for any present or past political leader.

  Trashing Corrupt Politicians