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We The People Pledge

As a new breed of WE THE PEOPLE of Nigeria, I solemnly pledge to fulfill these commitments, no matter the price, and to support and bond with others who join us in our stand for a corruption-free Nigeria where social justice, liberty, equality for all, and good governance shall be enthroned as a normal way of life.

  1. I pledge not to give or receive bribes, or participate in any corrupt practice whatsoever
  2. I pledge to respect the dignity of other Nigerian citizens regardless of tribe or religion, to respect the rights and legitimate interests of others, and to live in peace, unity and harmony in the spirit of common brotherhood.
  3. I pledge to honor and abide by the national ethics of Nigeria as outlined in the Constitution, which is Discipline, Integrity, Dignity of Labor, Social Justice, Religious Tolerance, Self-Reliance and Patriotism.
  4. I pledge to bond with fellow new breed of WE THE PEOPLE of Nigeria, regardless of tribe, religion or political party affiliation; my commitment to WE THE PEOPLE shall override all other tribal, religious or political sectionalism, as we join hands to clean up Nigeria from bottom to top.
  5. I pledge to fight corruption and bad governance in Nigeria by fully uniting with WE THE PEOPLE to cast our votes in a coordinated manner that will remove all corrupt and bad leaders and legislators and replace them with clean, capable and honest leaders and legislators with integrity, at every level of leadership and legislature everywhere in Nigeria.